What is the meaning of Vegetarian?
Generally Vegefoodmart sells any food without meat and seafood to consider that as Vegetarian. That includes no-fish product eventhough individual who consume seafood may categorize as a subclass of Vegetarian.

What is the meaning of Asian Vegetarian?
Asian Vegetarian is Vegetarian who does not consume onion and garlic. They believe onion and garlic can have negative impacts on organs since they have antibiotic properties.

What is the meaning of Vegan?
Vegan is vegetarian who does not consume dairy products. Example of dairy products are honey, cow milk, and eggs. But they do take Onion and Garlic.


How long will it take Vegefoodmart to receive new stock?
Generally 2 weeks.


What credit cards do Vegefoodmart accept?
Vegefoodmart accepts Visa, Master, Discover, American Express, and Paypal. We can take check if it is local within 5 miles of Vegefoodmart business address.


How does one know whether Vegefoodmart will send out expired food?
Vegefoodmart records the expiration date of each item on the database. The website has advance logic to trigger the system not to publish item if it is expiring. Except that the sales items are at least one month away from expiration.

When will I receive the goods?
We e-mail tracking number to the customer so that they can track when the goods will arrive. If the goods are not being received, customer can call Vegefoodmart to verify.